Thematic Exhibitions

Galerie Alain Bovis : "Cabinet of curiosities"

For Paris Tribal 2018, the gallery will present the exhibition “Cabinet de curiosités”. Alain Bovis and his guest Michel Thieme, will present items on the same theme. Exhibition “Cabinet of Curiosities” until May 19, 2018, from Tuesday to Saturday, 11h-13h / 14h30-19h.


For Paris Tribal 2018, Galerie Flak is preparing an exhibition on the Sepik, with a particular focus on the Korewori.


For Paris Tribal 2018, the gallery will present a selection of antique jewelery and precious weapons from the Indonesian Courts.

Galerie Abla & Alain Lecomte : " Rongwe panels of the Ejagham of Nigeria"

For Paris Tribal 2018, Galerie Abla & Alain Lecomte will exhibit a rare collection of five panels from the Cross River region of Nigeria. These are Ejagham Rongwe panels, consisting of a large woven rattan bed – about one meter by one meter – on which are fixed various small skulls of animals, various “fetishes”, bones, gourds containing medicinal herbs… They were the emblems of the secret ngbe society, fixed in the sacred hut, where a fire was continually lit, which explains their patina of smoke. This exhibition will be accompanied by other pieces from Nigeria: Ejagham crest, and Ogboni fibulae, followed by a superb nineteenth century Bini idiophone.

Galerie Noir d'Ivoire : "Archaism in North Togo - Tchamba and Losso"

For Paris Tribal 2018, Galerie Noir d’Ivoire will present the exhibition “Archaism in North Togo – Tchamba and Losso”.

Galerie Pascassio Manfredi : "Gold of the Islands"

For Paris Tribal 2018, Galerie Pascassio Manfredi will present a thematic exhibition, “Gold of the Islands”, on gold and silver objects from South-East Asia.

Galerie Meyer : Oceania : a "Wild" art

For Paris Tribal 2018, Galerie Meyer will present a thematic exhibition on oceanic art

Galerie Lucas Ratton: Nancy Cunard

Presentation of the anthology of Nancy Cunard “NEGRO ANTHOLOGY”. Preview for this facsimile reprint of the 1934 book (then published in 1000 copies), which will only be available at the Lucas Ratton Gallery.

Galerie Nicolas Rolland : Ancient Arts of Africa and Oceania - engravings of André Breton

For this new edition of PARIS TRIBAL, Nicolas Rolland will present a set of unpublished engravings of André Breton made in 1949 on the island of Sein, exposed in parallel to a selection of ancient works from Africa and Oceania. An excellent opportunity to discover or rediscover the rich and fertile look of the surrealist artist, who collected and ardently defended his life during the creations of the so-called “primitive” peoples.

Voyageurs et Curieux

For Paris Tribal 2018, Voyageurs & Curieux will present its new acquisitions.