Thematic exhibitions

Wylda Bayron

193 Gallery

Wylda Bayron is a Puerto Rican-born, New York-based artist. As a photographer, Wylda has spent more than a decade traveling to the most remote places on the planet. Her work has been selected for National Geographic: “Daily Dozen” in 2015, “Photo of the Day” in 2014, “Editor's Pick for Portraits” and “Sense of Place” in 2014 and 2013, and also for the “Photo of the Day” from Smithsonian magazine.

Photo: ©Wylda Bayron. Courtesy of the artist and 193 Gallery.

19 Rue Guenegaud 75006 Paris

Bambara Dogon Sénoufo

Galerie Granier | Ancient

Through twenty or so selected pieces, the "Bambara Dogon Sénoufo" exhibition offers a more global stylistic approach to the Bambara arts and their neighbors, notably the Dogons and Sénoufos, peoples intimately linked by geography, the history of migrations, trade but also by animist practices and in relation to Islam.

13 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris


Jo de Buck

About twenty Yoruba works from Nigeria selected by Jo de Buck for this 10th edition of Paris Tribal.

11 rue des Beaux Arts, 75006 Paris

Moros y Cristianos

Galerie Charles-Wesley Hourdé

The exhibition Moros y Cristianos features an important selection of Guatemalan masks patiently collected over more than ten years. These masks are a rare testimony to the syncretism that operated in Central America, combining the iconography of ancient pre-Hispanic cultures with that of the Spanish conquerors.

41 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris


Galerie Alain & Abla Lecomte

Why "Sacrifice", this word has for Abla & me, a double meaning, the first is that of the collector and the dealer, we do not necessarily love all the objects passionately, but some of them yes, sometimes it is very difficult to part with a piece under these conditions, for us the value of the object does not enter into this feeling, it is easier for us to sell an expensive object that we like, than a piece that we like much, which has a lesser value. The second meaning of the word "sacrifice" is, of course, the function of the objects, all in this thematic exhibition have a sacrificial patina. There is something very powerful in this act which is felt in the object, as in the "fetishes" of Kongo, Voodoo of the Benin coast or even in the "Boli" or Kono masks... We hope share our taste with you and also that you will appreciate our "Sacrifice".

3 rue Visconti, 75006 Paris

Kriss Handles from Java

Galerie Cédric le Dauphin

Release of Kriss Handles from Java, dedication during Paris Tribal.

After twenty years of studies on the subject, this book reviews all types of kriss handles from the island of Java in Indonesia. It lists the examples known to be kept in museums and presents more than a hundred photos of these handles.

Texts in English. 76 pages 140 illustrations hard cover. Pictures GCLD Text by Cedric Le Dauphin. ISBN : 979-8211482579

16 rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris

HONNEUR AU BOIS – sculpture . sculpteur

Galerie Meyer

Opening on Thursday April 6 - until Saturday May 27.

17 rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006 Paris

Repairing time : KINTSUGI - BORO The art of caring for objects in Japan

Galerie Mingei

5-7 rue Visconti, 75006 Paris

Portraits Téké

Galerie Schoffel de Fabry

The "TÉKÉ Portraits", in line with the catalog "Beyond the Masks" (2016), are the result of a selection of twenty-five statues faithful to our aesthetic choices. The aim was not to produce the umpteenth ethnographic work on a subject that has been extensively treated, but rather to draw attention to the singular links woven between the fetish, the person of the fetish and its sculptor who has the power to realize the famous fetish. The lighting of the sculptures that we present emphasizes the articulation of the volumes, their contrasts and the nuances of gray, the fine forms of the faces-masks in front of the roughness of the body, the secret shapelessness grafted of the abdominal matter, the graphic firmness of the scarifications, the textures of wood.

14 rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris

Terres Tropiques

Galerie Christophe Rolley

13 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris

Les couleurs de l’invisible

Tischenko Gallery

Since 2018, Marc Petit has been expressing his talent as an illustrator in a vast project illustrating themes from the mythologies of all peoples and all times, of which the Tischenko Gallery (Helsinki) presented a first range, "Echoes of Dreamtime", in the fall of 2019. Les couleurs de l’invisible s’inspirent en toute liberté de quelques – uns des mythes, usages intrigants, objets de rêve, récits de voyages imaginaires dont les traditions chamaniques des peuples de la Vieille Asie et des pays du Grand Nord nous rapportent les péripéties.

21 rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris

Cimiers Ekoi du Nigeria

Galerie Pablo Touchaleaume

On the occasion of Paris Tribal 2023, the Galerie Pablo Touchaleaume will present a set of Ekoi crests from Nigeria.

5 rue Jacques Callot, 75006 Paris

Photo credit Francois Mallet

Sculptures du Fleuve Sépik

Galerie Voyageurs & Curieux

On the occasion of the tenth edition of Paris Tribal, the Voyageurs & Curieux gallery proposes two exhibitions. The first, accompanied by a catalog, is devoted to the sculpture of the artists of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea.

20 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris