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Thematic exhibition: New acquisitions from ancient collections

Male ritual figure, Tomo-ka style

Dogon culture, Tomo country, Séno plain region, Mali
Wood, shaded brown patina; metal (pupils, earrings). Height: 36.5cm
Estimated dating period: late 19th century - early 20th century.
Breda Museum, Pères Blancs; private collection, Switzerland.
This male figure from Mali is a beautiful visual testimony of the ancient contacts and influences between Bambara and Dogon sculptors. The Dogon Tomo country located southwest of the plain of Séno suffered from the 18th century expansionist ambitions of the powerful neighbors Bambara. These conquerors influenced Tomo society, both in their political institutions and in their artistic production. See Dogon - Images et traditions by Huib Blom, pages 206 to 211.